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Past history shows that investment in Bullions is one of the wise options. With an increasing demand and limited resources available, it is one of the popular and most sought after investment.
                                            Bullion Rates in INR as on 25-Aug-2011                                    
                                                   24 Carat Gold : Rs.2,635.50 per gm.
                                                   22 Carat Gold : Rs.2,464.00 per gm.
                                                         Silver : Rs. 65.35 per gm.
                                                    Platinum : Rs.3,348.00 per gm.

You could buy Gold Coins from your banker too apart from your trust-worthy jeweller.

Now you can get 24 carat Gold coins from your Post Office too, of the denominations 0.5 g, 1 g, 5 g and 8 g. The gold coins will be packed in a sealed cover with the certification from Valcambi, Switzerland. 102 Post Offices in key cities have been identified for this purpose in Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu Circles. This service is provided in association with World Gold Council and Reliance Money Limited.   Visit: